Hi, I'm Brent

I'm a self-taught photographer/videographer from Orem, UT. Since high school I've had the passion of pausing time by capturing the moment. I started by doing nature and landscapes, which later turned into astrophotography and portrait. Most recently it has been brand and weddings. In the end I landed on, well ... all of them. I enjoy all the little aspects and quirks that each one entails. I dedicate myself to consistently learn new techniques and put my own spin to it. I'm so happy to be married to the love of my life and start live in this adventure with her.

Hi, I'm Sarah

I can't help but admit to being a complete sentimentalist. That being said, I love to preserve even the seemingly small moments, and to highlight the natural beauty that can be found in everyday places, people, and things (I won't lie, my favorite subject of photography and video has become my wonderful husband, our pet sugar gliders, and all of our favorite spots in nature, haha). I enjoy all forms of adventure in my free time, whether that be discovering a new spot in the canyon, making new friends, getting lost on a random hiking trail, or eating at a restaurant I haven't tried yet. I love working with people, listening to their input, and learning from their perspectives.